Co-Founder and Director of I.Dignify

‘Project TAKEN is a course that I would not only recommend, but I would say is a requirement for every person. Cameron’s training was not only beneficial for me on a recent trip overseas, I truly believe his tools saved my life. Cameron has an ability to take an extremely difficult subject and make it fun, yet very real and applicable. So much of the ‘self-defense’ style training tells you, “Never allow a captor to take you to a second location” and the training ends there. Project TAKEN not only gives you specific tools to avoid capture, but also how to respond if the unthinkable happens and view the second location as the beginning of the road, not the end.’

Project Taken Graduate
“Before I came to this class, I didn’t know exactly how unaware I really was.”


Project Taken Graduate
“The training felt incredibly real, and the scenarios we were put through made my heart pound.”

Project Taken Graduate
“Project Taken is incredibly informative and beneficial to everyone.”

Project Taken Graduate
“This class is perfect not just for women, but also men, kids, teenagers, missionaries, travelers, students…I think every college campus should have a class like this.”


“Great course. Highly recommend to all operators and techs. Increased my skill-set by 75%”

“Outstanding Training, wish I would have had it years ago. Very professional Course of Instruction (COI). I recommend this program to all operators.”

“There is nothing I would change about this training program, keep it all! I highly recommend this course for all advanced special operators.”



Roanoke Police Academy Director
“I generally don’t recommend outside vendor training to other training academies. However, I have just completed hosting a two-day class with a training company owned by Cameron Gamble, who is also the Lead Instructor. He and his staff conducted a very detailed and professional course. This course was entitled: Criminal Intelligence Collection. The participants of the class had nothing but positive comments and some even stated that this was better than the (name of school omitted). I sat in on several portions of the class and can honestly say this is a top level class.”

A. Thompson – Detective SVU 16 yrs exp
“I would recommend this course 110% to ANY law enforcement agency, or private sector company that has a use for this skill. I appreciate all of your guys service and passion. I’m honored to have spent time with you guys.”

J. Hicks – Detective 8yrs exp
“I have been through several different interview schools including (name of school omitted), Advanced Interrogating, and Cognitive Interviewing schools, and I will say hands down this school blows them out of the water!”

S. Lukacs – Detective 31yrs exp
“Great Course! The best and most informative training I have attended during my career. A must attend class for anyone involved in criminal investigations” I have never attended a class that has enhanced my interviewing skills as much as this one did. Top notch instructors!”

B. Parte – Detective 7yrs exp
“In the past 7 years as a Detective, this 2-day class was probably the most stimulating and rewarding training I have received. And that includes the 6 months of Academy training I received! I look forward to future training opportunities with your company.”