Meet The Founder

Project Taken Founder Cameron Gamble

Shortly after September 11, 2001 Cameron felt a strong desire to serve his country in support of the war against terrorism and enlisted in the United States Air Force where he became an aircrew member on the KC-10 aircraft. Part of his extensive military training brought him through a program called Survival Evasion Resistance and Escape; also known as (SERE). It was during this program that he learned how to survive off the land and evade through enemy territory without detection, preparing him if he ever were to find himself behind enemy lines. The pinnacle of his training was learning the techniques of resisting enemy interrogation, torture, and exploitation. He was placed in a simulated captivity environment as a Prisoner of War (POW) and experienced the various tactics our nation’s enemies have used against U.S. soldiers throughout history.

After his honorable discharge from the service, a private contracting company that specialized in SERE training for the U.S. Government asked Cameron to become a Survival Instructor for one of their military programs. He continued to gain an in-depth understanding of the elements associated with captivity survival and avoidance as he went through advanced Prisoner of War, Peacetime Detention and Hostage Survival training schools. He became a subject matter expert in the field while working at the Army’s Full Spectrum Survival School in Ft. Rucker, Alabama. It was there he had the privilege of teaching Army Aviators, Army Rangers and Army Special Forces.

During his years of instructing at the Army schoolhouse Cameron simultaneously began to train Christian missionary groups who were traveling to some of the most primitive and heavily persecuted regions in the world. It was at this point Cameron recognized the tremendous need for individuals and groups of people whom were without the ability to receive high-level captivity training from the military  on the “how-tos” of staying safe while traveling abroad. He began working on a program that offered this high-level military type training without the compromise of communications security for civilians.

In early 2008, Cameron began working on a mobile training team that traveled throughout the U.S. providing hostage survival training to high-risk personnel that conducted operations overseas. Once he completed his mobile training team obligations educating agencies such as the U.S. Secret Service, he began contracting with the Marine Corps Special Operations Command (MARSOC) training their Special Operators.  Cameron continued to advance his skill-set and understanding of captivity training while working with MARSOC, and remained persistent in his desire to develop a civilian survival program.

In 2009, He created a program specifically designed for the U.S. Navy SEALS in order to enhance their intelligence collection capabilities on the battlefield, and became the lead instructor for that program. Additionally, He created a program for the collection enhancement capabilities of U.S. Law Enforcement Criminal Intelligence Divisions, which is currently being utilized throughout the U.S. today.

In 2010, Cameron was finally able to offer his very detailed, much desired captivity survival training program to the civilian world shortly after forming his own training company. After extended periods of research through FBI statistics and his level of understanding in recognizing potential threats to our day-to-day activities he created what is now known as Project TAKEN. Cameron’s goal from the beginning in his own words “Has been to make Project TAKEN a resource that will continue to educate people on the how-tos of staying safe.”