Project TAKEN seminars are designed to equip you with the confidence and situational awareness needed to thwart the threat of becoming a victim of violence: stalked, threatened, or abducted.

Our courses enable you to identify the motives of a ‘TAKER’ and apply the appropriate strategies to anticipate and negotiate your way out of a worst case scenario, on the streets, at home, at work, in the jungles of Africa – anywhere.


Before we can teach you how to respond appropriately to the ‘Taker’ we must first teach you who the ‘TAKER’ is, what their motivations are, and how the ‘TAKER’ will accomplish their goal. We educate and train you to identify potential “Aggressive Males” or ‘TAKER’s’ and how to respond appropriately to their individual profiles.


The ultimate survival tool is possession of the ability to understand and interpret potential threats through a heightened sense of in-depth awareness and how to respond to each one appropriately. You will walk away from each class extremely confident in your new skills and understanding of the threats you face in your day-to-day life .


The Physiological and Psychological affects that take place during the moment of an attack or abduction can have such a great impact on you that without an understanding of how to respond appropriately it can very easily mean the difference between life and death. We will equip you will the tools necessary to survive.


A single second in captivity can feel like a minute; minutes will feel like hours; hours like days. However long the duration may be, the situation can turn violent, even deadly in an instant. Everything depends on your response to the ‘Taker’. You will walk away from our class knowing how to talk, act, respond when engaging with a ‘TAKER’ and how you can affect a potentially hostile outcome and work it to your advantage.


If what we have taught you up to this point has been applied appropriately then your priorities will be very clear when faced with WHAT and HOW to negotiate with an aggressive male or ‘TAKER’. We give you step-by-step methods in the process of negotiating your circumstances and prepare you for the best outcome.

You will walk away from a Project TAKEN training program with a new sense of awareness and self-confidence knowing that you are now equipped with a vital set of skills that will aid you in the prevention of becoming a victim.

We offer:

  • A One-Day Seminar” for missionaries, families and individuals looking to dramatically increase their level of awareness and levels of safety through identifying the various threats that stalk their daily activities.
  • “A Family Home Training Program” where we work one-on-one with your family to ensure the maximum safety precautions are being taken throughout your busy life and discovering where you are most vulnerable.
  • “The Executive Training Program” for companies that are at risk for potential abduction of their employees during overseas travel.
  • “The Missionary Training Program” is designed for Christian missionary groups that are planning on a week long trip or a life long trip overseas.
  • “The College Readiness Training Program” was created with your son and daughter in mind. You have done everything you know how to do as a parent to prepare them for their new life experience of being on their own. But, are they really prepared? Are they ready to handle being stalked, abused, or abducted. We can help.

 please contact us for any further information on our training programs.